Official website of the London-based acoustic punk band


Music Videos


A Song About A Song

Inbred Hamster Explosion

Party at Clifford’s House

02 Islington Academy 2 Gig
20 Frags to Win
Spiked Drinks and Puked In Sinks
A Song About A Song
Inbred Hamster Explosion
The House of the Rising Sun (cover)
Student Advice
Outpost One
Party At Clifford’s House
Pre-Gig Larkings

Live at the Camden Barfly
20 Frags To Win

Recording our Buns and Gayses EP
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Fuckin’ Aboot
Alternate video for Inbred Hamster Explosion
What the Sense Make!?
Recording a demo for Post Apocalypse
Rehearsing 20 Frags to Win
Rehearsing A Song About A Song
Rehearsing a cover of Born to be Wild
Backstage sillyness before Trinity gig
Fucking about with a shock-lighter during rehearsals
“Music video” for a demo song called Tommy Gun
Behind the Scenes of Tommy Gun
The best song we’ve ever written
Compilation of old strangeness during rehearsals/recording
More stupidity during rehearsals
Post Apocalypse (Puberty Version)

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