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Both Our EPs Are Now Free/Pay-What-You-Want

Both our EPs (Buns & Gayses and Harlem Exploder) are now available for free download. If you would like to support the funding or future releases from us you can also pay-what-you-want for either EP.

Buns & Gayses

Harlem Exploder

Don’t forget you can also still download our free live session from Total Rock as well:

This cover we did is also free:

Aren’t we good to you guys?



Welcome to the official Pigeons of Death website/blog thing. This will be our main base of operations seeing as Facebook/MySpace/Bandcamp/LastFM etc are pretty much useless for the whole shabang.

We’re currently working on a new EP (or maybe an album) to be released in 2011 so we haven’t got any shows planned at the time. Keep an eye on the shows page as we’ll post any new shows there first.

You can still download our debut EP ‘Buns and Gayses’ for nothing. Click here if you want it.
You can also buy T-shirts from our official webstore. You can go there by clicking here.