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Both Our EPs Are Now Free/Pay-What-You-Want

Both our EPs (Buns & Gayses and Harlem Exploder) are now available for free download. If you would like to support the funding or future releases from us you can also pay-what-you-want for either EP.

Buns & Gayses

Harlem Exploder

Don’t forget you can also still download our free live session from Total Rock as well:

This cover we did is also free:

Aren’t we good to you guys?


Both our EPs now Available on iTunes

So yeah, title says it all really. Here’s the links so you can go straight to them and part with some cash:

Buns & Gayses –
Harlem Exploder –

Also, allow me to clear up any confusion you may have with the iTunes listing of Necrogunwhore from Harlem Exploder:

iTunes have decided to list Jimmy Perry and Derek Taverner as featuring on Necrogunwhore. They should be getting additional song writing credits for our interpolation of ‘Who Do You Think You Are Kidding Mr. Hitler?’ into the song.