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New Show Announced CANCELLED


Sorry guys; the show has now been cancelled due to unforseen circumstances.

Original story below:

Pigeons of Death will be playing Tower Tavern on the 3rd of March 2012! The nearest station is Great Portland Street along with Warren Street, Goodge Street, Regent’s Park and Oxford Circus; pretty well covered by trains eh? Entry is £5 on the door and those exact doors open at 8pm. See you down the front!


Tickets for Underbelly Show Now Available

Alreet! Next up on the Pigeons calendar is a show at the Hoxton Underbelly on the 21st of February 2012. If you wanna come along (and why wouldn’t you?) then you can now buy tickets directly from us via this link: CLICK HERE

Tickets are priced at just £6 so get involved! We really appreciate all the support we get so spread the word and we’ll see you down the front!

Peace x

Both our EPs now Available on iTunes

So yeah, title says it all really. Here’s the links so you can go straight to them and part with some cash:

Buns & Gayses –
Harlem Exploder –

Also, allow me to clear up any confusion you may have with the iTunes listing of Necrogunwhore from Harlem Exploder:

iTunes have decided to list Jimmy Perry and Derek Taverner as featuring on Necrogunwhore. They should be getting additional song writing credits for our interpolation of ‘Who Do You Think You Are Kidding Mr. Hitler?’ into the song.

Updates and What-Not

Hey guys, Happy New Year and all that.

So what have we got in store for 2012? Well we’ve just finished our first show of the year at The Bowery and we’ve got another 4 coming up.

The next show is at The Good Ship in Kilburn and is turning into a right corker of a gig already. We are main support to The Sharks with additional support coming from Lenny Verralis, Duck & Weave and Rupert Caney. Doors open at 7:30pm and entry can obtained at the low, low price of five squid. If you’re on the Book (and who isn’t?) then you can ‘attend’ the event here: CLICK HERE FOR EVENTYNESS

You can also check our ‘Shows’ page for additional details on our other 2012 shows.

We’re also well into the writing/recording procedure for our debut album which we SHOULD release sometime this year. We’re trying our hand at home recording at the moment and the results are actually sounding pretty decent.

Christmas Show Announced!

We’ll be playing AAA near High Street Kensington station on the 15th of December 2011. This will be our last show of the year so get involved, enjoy some live music and drink some beers!

Tickets are available for £5 via this link:
You can also get tickets on the door for £7, but why would you wanna do that we you can save a couple that can go towards booze!?

Also on the bill are Allman Brown and Evelyn Burke. It should be a cracking night so get involved!

New Song! Free Download!

Pigeons of Death did not write this song. If the original artist has a problem with it, then we’ll happily take it down. We haven’t got a legal army to fight that war.

Harlem Exploder EP Now Available to Buy

Head on over to our shop by clicking here to order our new ‘Harlem Exploder’ EP on a limited edition cassette!

Make sure you get your order in fast because there’s only going to be 20 available! T-shirts are also still available in abundance over here. All proceeds go towards the recording of our debut album.