Official website of the London-based acoustic punk band


Lewis “Hairyman” Clark

Vehicular man-beast. Has been known to eat entire bears. Enjoys croquet.

DOB: 19/11/1987
Likes: HIM, Maximum the Hormone, System of a Down, The Offspring, The Abner, Hold Your Horse Is, Skindred, Two Gallants, Rammstein

Sean “Captain Thursday” Sheehan

Knight of a thousand arms. Small tribes have been known to take refuge in his beard. Plays the clarinet.

DOB: 19/02/1988
Likes: Amen, As I Lay Dying, At The Gates, Blood Stain Child, Dark Tranquility, HORSE the Band, In Flames, Pet Shop Boys

Andrew “Fritz” Tedder

Cartoon nightmare. Can hit an ant with a screwdriver from a range of 10 feet. Naturally drawn to laminate.

DOB: 22/05/1988
Likes: Against Me!, Alexisonfire, Chevelle, Damien Rice, Exit Ten, Fightstar, Protest The Hero, Reuben, System of a Down

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